This is an archive of the Treatment Action Campaign's public documents from December 1998 until October 2008. I created this website because the TAC's website appears unmaintained and people were concerned that it
was becoming increasingly hard to find important documents.

The menu items have been slightly edited and a new stylesheet applied to the site. But none of the documents have been edited, not even for minor errors. The text appears on this site as obtained from the Internet Archive.

The period covered by the archive encompassed the campaign for HIV medicines, the civil disobedience campaigns, the Competition Commission complaints, the 2008 xenophobic violence and the PMTCT, Khayelitsha health workers and Matthias Rath court cases.


Bredell Anti-retroviral Conference Presentations

Formal Welcome by Edwin Cameron (PDF Format, 90KB)

Rollout of MTCT in the Western Cape Province by Abdullah Farid (PDF Format, 1412KB)

Side Effects by Steve Andrews (PDF Format, 102KB)

Diagnostics Overview by  Sharon Cassol (PDF Format, 318KB)

TB & ART by Karen Cohen (PDF Format, 324KB)

International Overview by Gerald Friedland (PDF Format, 802KB)

Adherence by Gerald Friedland (PDF Format, 375KB)

Khayelitsha Experience by Eric Goemaere (PDF Format, 695KB)

Adherence by Eric Goemaere (PDF Format, 75KB)

Informed Consent by Eric Goemaere (PDF Format, 81KB)

Women and HIV by Prudence Ive (PDF format 162KB)

Clinicians Soceity by Des Martin (PDF Format, 75KB)

Pregnancy & ART by James McIntyre (PDF Format, 648KB)

Children & ART by Tammy Meyers (PDF Format, 223KB)

HIV Drug Resistance (Power Point Format, 9898KB) (PDF format 1568KB) by Lynn Morris

Aid for AIDS by Leon Regensberg (PDF Format, 113KB)

Wits Consortium by Francois Venter (PDF Format, 151KB)

ARV Regimes by Francois Venter (PDF Format, 177KB)

SA ARV Implementation by Robin Wood (PDF Format, 2962KB)

Disease Staging by Robin Wood (PDF Format, 1588KB)

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