This is an archive of the Treatment Action Campaign's public documents from December 1998 until October 2008. I created this website because the TAC's website appears unmaintained and people were concerned that it
was becoming increasingly hard to find important documents.

The menu items have been slightly edited and a new stylesheet applied to the site. But none of the documents have been edited, not even for minor errors. The text appears on this site as obtained from the Internet Archive.

The period covered by the archive encompassed the campaign for HIV medicines, the civil disobedience campaigns, the Competition Commission complaints, the 2008 xenophobic violence and the PMTCT, Khayelitsha health workers and Matthias Rath court cases.

Campaigning for the rights of people with HIV/AIDS!

Protest at Cape Town Civic Centre: TAC's Demands

  1. We demand that the all available places of shelter, including all those under control of both Province and City, are immediately opened. This includes Sea Point Civic Centre, Salt River Railway Institute, Woodstock Community Hall, Muizenberg Civic Centre, schools that are not in use and other government facilities.  
  2. We demand immediate closure of camps. The camps are a serious health risk, have inadequate shelter and prevent people from going to work and school. People should be moved, on a voluntary basis, to safe community places, including the places mentioned above.
  3. We support reintegration back into communities, people who want to be repatriated to their country of origin or resettled to a third country.
  4. We demand that the UNHCR come in and assist with reintegration, repatriation and resettlement as they are obligated and mandated to.
  5. We demand that the City and the Province establish a joint task team including the mayor, the premier and civil society to address the above demands.


Protest at the Civic Centre

TAC Members
Date of Event: 
12 June 2008
Refugee protesting at the Civic Centre
Refugees protesting at the Civic Centre
Refugees protesting at the Civic Centre

Caledon Group's Memorandum to Mayor and Premier


The Caledon Square Group is concerned, deeply concerned, about the strategies put in place by the City of Cape Town over the decision made by the Cape High Court concerning the Premier of the Western Cape’s application to open and accommodate refugees temporarily in all civic centres around the city.  

Caledon Square refugees running out of shelter: Mayor's response is callous and racist

Caledon Square refugees running out of shelter: Mayor's response is callous and racist

  • Plea to Mayor Helen Zille and other state authorities: Open community centres for displaced people including:
    • Sea Point Civic Centre, Good Hope Centre,  Cape Town Civic Centre or similar for the 170 people making up the Caledon Square Group;
    • Woodstock Community Hall, Salt River Railway Institute or similar for over 100 people staying at the Tennyson Street Mosque;
    • Muizenberg Civic Centre or similar for the 50 people staying at the old TAC office at 34 Main Road.
  • Mayor is refusing to open community halls in white areas.


Workshop: Take action against xenophobia

How can you respond to the xenophobia crisis?

The Treatment Action Campaign invites you to come to a workshop explaining how you can take action against xenophobia. It will take place on Monday 16th June 2:30 - 4:30.

Speech by Mark Heywood at UNGASS Civil Society meeting

My theme is: Human Rights – do we believe in them and what if we do? My name is Mark Heywood. I am one of the leaders of the Treatment Action Campaign and the Deputy Chairperson of the SA National AIDS Council.

Court order forces City of Cape Town to open community centres

At about 1am in the morning on 10 June, the Cape High Court ordered the City of Cape Town to make available community halls to temporarily settle "displaced foreigners". The interdict was obtained by the Premier of the Western Cape. The TAC wrote a supporting affidavit.

AIDS: A multigenerational challenge - Providing a robust and long-term response

Gregg Gonsalves of ARASA has delivered a hard-hitting speech at UNGASS, rebutting the arguments of conservative public health officials who claim that over-expenditure on AIDS ignores other developing world health needs.

Crisis at Soetwater Camp escalates: hunger strikes and attempted suicides

A tragedy is unfolding as people who fled xenophobic terror now face the uncaring machinery of the state. Most camps and shelters in which displaced people are staying fall below international humanitarian standards.
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