This is an archive of the Treatment Action Campaign's public documents from December 1998 until October 2008. I created this website because the TAC's website appears unmaintained and people were concerned that it
was becoming increasingly hard to find important documents.

The menu items have been slightly edited and a new stylesheet applied to the site. But none of the documents have been edited, not even for minor errors. The text appears on this site as obtained from the Internet Archive.

The period covered by the archive encompassed the campaign for HIV medicines, the civil disobedience campaigns, the Competition Commission complaints, the 2008 xenophobic violence and the PMTCT, Khayelitsha health workers and Matthias Rath court cases.

Newsletters 2006

Newsletters, documents and statements in 2006


End violence against women Campaign posters

We demand Justice     We spoke out     We demand equality

HIV/AIDS denialism is dead

Equal Treatment - November 2006
- Making HIV Prevention Work

Equal Treatment November 2006 (Issue 21)

6 December 2006: letter from TAC to Act Up Paris

Also in the article:


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31 October 2006: HIV testing and counselling

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Civil Society Congress Resolutions (Word document)

4 October 2006: Same-sex marriage

- TAC supports same-sex marriage (Read pdf document)

3 October 2006

TAC Analysis of Maternal Deaths

September 2006 - TAC General Secretary Sipho Mthathi's Report to TAC NEC

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29 September 2006: AIDS denialism dealt an irreversible blow

Also in this newsletter:

  • Coalition against fraudulent medicines launched

  • Draft TAC NEC resolutions on XDR TB

  • TAC condemns undemocratic attempt to take over Cape Town City Council

  • TAC supports same-sex marriage

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Presentations from the meeting on fraudulent claims about medicines

A comparison of South African and Brazilian mortality

19 September 2006

March to Parliament Memorandum (Word document)

Article published in Business Day: Why we need a new Health Minister

Also: Read this report on the Global Call to Action

18 September 2006: March to Parliament: MPs invited to People's Parliament

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7 September 2006: What the Court and TAC expects in the HIV/AIDS plan for Westville Correctional Centre

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6 September 2006: Letter from scientists to Mbeki

Also in this newsletter
- Achmat speech at UCT

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5 September 2006: TAC appeal for funds

Also in this newsletter
- Reports on Global Day of Action
- TAC mass action events this week

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3 September 2006: Mthembu on Health System

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30 August 2006: Achmat speech to City Council

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Latest Westville prison judgment

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Westville Prison Fact Sheet

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28 August 2006: Government in contempt of court - Must treat Westville Prisoners

Also in this newsletter
- March to Mahatma Gandhi Hospital

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24 August 2006: Reports on Global Day of Action

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23 August 2006: Why TAC is protesting

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23 August 2006: TAC response to allegation that we trashed SA exhibition at AIDS Conference

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20 August 2006: Call for Global Day of Action

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- our 5 demands

Global Day of Action Kit
- Why TAC is protesting
- Leaflet
- Latest Statement
- Stickers
- Petition


Also in this newsletter
- Mail and Guardian article

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8 August 2006: Long waiting list for ARV treatment at Mahatma Gandhi Hospital in Durban

Also in this newsletter
- International AIDS Conference
- Understanding HIV statistics

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7 August 2006: Understanding HIV statistics

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31 July 2006: Getting treatment to Westville Prisoners

Also in this newsletter
- Community stories

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18 July 2006: Westville prisoners case

Also in this newsletter
- Report on TAC March

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17 July 2006: Report on TAC youth march for prevention in Eastern Cape

Also in this newsletter
- Mseleku & Rath

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5 July 2006: Westville Prisoner's Case Judgment

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29 June 2006: Why prisoners with AIDS must be treated

An edited version of this article appeared in the Argus on 29 June 2006 under the heading: ARV ruling for prison spotlights access to health for all

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Equal Treatment June 2006 (Issue 20)

Equal Treatment - June 2006
- Women and HIV

21 June 2006: TAC/TAG Africa TB/HIV Workshop

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15 June 2006: Massive Youth March for HIV Prevention

Also in this newsletter
- Youth Day events
- TB & HIV meeting
- Mbewu & Rath

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15 June 2006: Massive Youth March for HIV Prevention

10,000 people, mostly youths, will march for HIV prevention in King Williams Town on 15 June. They will be demanding comprehensive life-skills education and condoms in schools.

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Photo courtesy of The Argus

01 June 2006: Nkhensani Mavasa's speech at the opening plenary of UNGASS today

Also in this newsletter
- Nkhensani Mavasa at UN
- Westville Prisoners
- Resolutions on Zuma

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30 May, 2006: March for universal access to treatment and prevention

The TAC invites you to join a march to the UN offices and Union buildings in Pretoria on Tuesday, 30 May 2006. Gather at Church Square at 10am.

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30 May 2006: Nkhensani Mavasa explains why she had an HIV test

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28 May 2006: Deaths in Cecilia Makiwane Hospital

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24 May 2006: Death of Nozipho Bhengu

Also in this newsletter
- Lysenkoism & Mbeki

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24 May 2006: UNGASS

Also in this newsletter
- March in Pretoria on 30 May
- TAC delegation to UNGASS

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20 May, 2006: Heroes to Zeroes

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19 May, 2006: Fatima Hassan and Jonathan Berger respond to the Minister of Health's spokesperson's racist nonsense about TAC in the Mail & Guardian.

Read Fatima Hassan's Response

Read Jonathan Berger's Response

19 May, 2006: Body Language on Microbicides - Article in the Mail & Guardian

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9 May 2006: Prisoners go to court for treatment

- Sipho Mthathi letter to City Press
- HIV+ women v. De Lille/Smith
- New Beat-it series on SABC
- The Citizen is irresponsible
- Excellent SA antiretroviral results

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26 April 2006: Achmat speech

TAC chairperson, Zackie Achmat, delivered a speech at the closing ceremony of the International Microbicides Conference in Cape Town.

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23 April 2006: Prevention march

Several organisations co-hosted a prevention march and summit. This newsletter contains the memorandum handed over to the organisers of the International Microbicides Conference, the South African Government and UNAIDS.

Also in this newsletter: Statement by the ALP and TAC on UNGASS.

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20 April 2006: Letter from TAC General Secretary, Sipho Mthathi, to Minister Tshabalala-Msimang

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18 April 2006: UNGASS is a chance to make a new start: We cannot afford to squander it

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13 April 2006: TAC Annual General Meeting

The TAC Annual General Meeting will take place on 12 May 2006, from 9am to 1pm at the Chalsty Centre at Wits University (not the Devonshire Hotel as originally planned) in Johannesburg. All TAC members are welcome to attend, at their own expense. If you wish to attend, please contact Nwabisa on (021) 788 -  3507

12 April 2006: Joint Civil Society Monitoring Forum letter to UNGASS about South African country report

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6 April 2006: Make Community-Driven HIV Prevention Work

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Also in this newsletter:

  • TAC deputy-chairperson, Nkhensani Mavasa, tells her story.
  • Story on anti-rape protests at Zuma trial from The Star newspaper

TAC has sent our submission prepared for the African Union Peer Review Mechanism to UNGASS.

31 March, 2006: A is for Arogant, B is for Brazen

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30 March 2006: SA Government Excludes TAC and ALP from the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on AIDS

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Also in this newsletter:

  • ALP press statement on When can public servants publically attack government policy?
  • Prisoners at Westville Prison end hunger strike
  • Article by Anton Harber that appeared in Business Day and a response to it by John P. Moore.
  • TAC and AIDS Law Project statement in support of Indian opposition to patent protection for GSK's Combivir.
  • www.aidstruth.orgis a new website dedicated to debunking the pseudo-scientific claims of AIDS denialists.

23 March 2006: TAC January 2006 NEC Resolutions

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7 March 2006: Equal Treatment Issue 19 (March 2006) is out

Download it here.

This month's issue explains the science of HIV. It is written in an easy-to-understand non-technical style. We explain how it is known that HIV causes AIDS, the benefits of antiretrovirals outweigh their risks, condoms prevent HIV transmission and there is a large epidemic in South Africa. Plus much more ...

Rebuttal of Celia Farber's AIDS denialist article in Harper's magazine

Read the rebuttal in PDF format
Read the rebuttal in HTML format

3 March 2006: TAC wins court case against Matthias Rath

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Read the full judgment in TAC v. Rath and Others

2 March 2006: TAC and SWEAT support decriminalisation of sex-work

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28 February 2006: TAC Comments on Anthony Butler Article in Business Day

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27 February 2006: TAC Statement on President Mbeki's AIDS Denialist Remarks in City Press

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23 February 2006: Chief Justice Langa's speech at the AIDS Law Project, Access to Legal Services Conference, 17 February 2006


TAC comment on Matthias Rath's withdrawal from defamation cases

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Also in this newsletter: TAC pamphlet calling on Khayelitsha residents not to vote for an AIDS denialist

17 February 2006: TAC submission to the African Union Peer Review Mechanism

The TAC has made a submission to the African Union Peer Review Mechanism. This is an edited and improved version of a submission we made to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health in November 2005. We also submitted this to UNGASS in April 2006. Read the submission

16 February 2006 (two newsletters)

TAC Manifesto on Health and Accountable Local Government

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TAC welcomes sentence in Lorna Mlofana trial

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30 January 2006: TAC demands better antiretroviral rollout in Mpumalanga

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Also in this newsletter:

  • Letter from Physicians for Human Right to President Mbeki

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb fails to supply essential life-saving medicine

  • Letter to MCC regarding tenofovir registration

17 January 2006: Analysis of Clinton deal

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Also in this newsletter:

  • Appeal for funding

  • How support from friends and his mother helped Moses Setseu: a community report by James Dlamini

  • Second installment of our new regular feature: How we know that antiretroviral treatment works - research from South Africa

  • An evaluation of TAC by Tenu Afavia and Jacqui Boulle