This is an archive of the Treatment Action Campaign's public documents from December 1998 until October 2008. I created this website because the TAC's website appears unmaintained and people were concerned that it
was becoming increasingly hard to find important documents.

The menu items have been slightly edited and a new stylesheet applied to the site. But none of the documents have been edited, not even for minor errors. The text appears on this site as obtained from the Internet Archive.

The period covered by the archive encompassed the campaign for HIV medicines, the civil disobedience campaigns, the Competition Commission complaints, the 2008 xenophobic violence and the PMTCT, Khayelitsha health workers and Matthias Rath court cases.

The Generics - Jikilele

The Generics - We Don't Care

We don'd care even if they do not want to give us AZT because we will shrug off HIV

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The Generics - Thula Mama / Consoling The Mothers

Be consoled Mama,
Be colsoled mama,
don't cry mama,
We took him and brought him home.
He just cried, saying "it's AIDS"
Go well Comrades
You are the heroes.
You have fought strongly in the battle against AIDS.
We say these words to you Simon Nkoli, Gugu Dlamini, Sibusiso Mkhize, Christopher Morape.
Your spirit is right with us.
Be consoled Mama.
Be consoled Mama.

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The Generics - Never Give Up

Never Give Up!
Hold on!

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The Generics - I Was Sitting

Oh! I Was Sitting in the dark dying of Aids.
Zackie arrived, arrived MSF to set me free.
They set me free
I didn't know about this TAC.
Then Sipho arrived and taught me
I didn't know anything about the anti-retrovirals drugs until MSF came to educate me
They set me free
Oh! Come, come mother, come father, come sister, together with your big brother.
We are going to defeat HIV
Defeat it......HIV

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The Generics - Ileta / The Letter

I received a letter from TAC
It speaks nicely saying Biozole is now available
Oh Zackie Achmat we love you
Ola Zackie our buddy, son of Achmat.
We solute you brother, all of us here in South Africa.
You sacrificed your life going all the way to Thailand to import Biozole illegally.
You were defying the state.
You have shown that here in South Africa we can make it.
We can defeat HIV brother.
Now we salute you baba!
Keep up the good work.
Make it a point we don't suffer the way we suffering now.
Simply because we see the state doesn't care about us any longer.

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The Generics - Ingaba Senzeni Na / What Did We Do?

What did we do to you Thabo Mbeki.
We want AZT.
We want Biozole.
We want Nevirapine from you Thabo Mbeki, Thabo Mbeki, What is our debt?
What is out sin?
Is it Aids?
Thabo please, speak to Pfizer, Spek to Glaxo
Talk to BMS to reduce prices,
What did we do to you Thabo Mbeki

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The Generics - Bonanje / Have A Look

Have a look, Pfizer is making fun of us
Have a look, Mbeki is making fun of us
We are going to give them a minute to change their ways
Have a look, Manto has contempt for us
We are going to give them a minute to change their ways

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The Generics - Abanomona / Those Who Are Jealous

Those who would divide us,
Do not enter into TAC
.......Change Comrades
.......Change your step

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The Generics - Uyabuza uTAC / TAC Is Asking

TAC is asking when will the prices go down, Tshabalala doesn't want to......Helele Ma
Joing TAC......Helele Ma
Tshabalala doesn't want to,
Thabo Mbeki doesn't want to,
Pfizer doesn't want to

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The Generics - Thula Sizwe / Consoling The Nation

Be consoled, Nation.
Don't Cry our TAC is going to conquer for us.
Be consoled, Nation.
Don't Cry our TAC is going to conquer for us.
Be consoled, Nation.
Don't Cry our TAC is going to conquer for us.
In HIV/AIDS our TAC will conquer for us.

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